Goals / Objectives

In keeping with our mission statement and philosophy, we will provide students the opportunity to:

  • Develop basic skills such as critical and analytic thinking, communicating, reading, writing, speaking and calculating through meaningful experiences and activities.

  • Have personal management and employability skills such as being able to make decisions, foster creative ideas, demonstrate honesty, integrity and respect for others, appreciate the principles of aesthetics and culture, and respect for the needs of our nation and the world.

  • Be a collaborative member of a team, able to recognize the skills and talents of individuals as well as the strength of a group; express, evaluate and accept varying points of view and assume varying roles from leader to follower to accomplish a task.

  • Be an involved citizen who understands our democratic society and the rights and responsibilities at the township, state and national levels, respecting various cultural groups and working for a safe environment.

  • To establish an atmosphere that is orderly, positive and conducive to learning.

  • To provide a curriculum that reflects real life expectations and provides mastery of basic skills necessary to develop the whole individual.

  • To create a curriculum that integrates career awareness across all disciplines, enabling students the opportunity to gain entry level occupational skills.

  • To provide programs that meet the needs, interests and learning styles of all individuals and enable students to experience the joys of learning.

  • To offer extracurricular activities that are accessible to all students and supplement and complement in-school activities.

  • To promote student self-confidence through praise, encouragement and mutual respect.

  • To create an awareness of opportunity for personal growth through guidance and counseling services as well as interaction with significant people such as family members, school personnel, peer groups and community members.

  • To provide opportunities to make decisions and evaluate their consequences with support and feedback from faculty and administration.

  • To understand the society and the environment in which we live including the principles, problems and implications for the future.