About Counseling

The Huron High School Counseling Department is located inside Huron High School across from the cafeteria. If you are coming in for an appointment, please check in with the front office before proceeding to the counseling office. All transcript requests must be done through

Contact Information

Lindsey Backhaus
Academic Advisor
Grades: 11th & 12th
[email protected]
Phone: 734-782-5360 ext. 2241
Fax: 734-984-1269

Derrick Hallman
Academic Advisor
Grades: 9th & 10th
[email protected]
Phone: 734-782-5360 ext. 2205
Fax: 734-984-1269

Mr. Jason Pliska
Career and College Counselor
[email protected]
Phone: 734-782-5360 ext. 2206

Amy Freeman
Administrative Assistant
Registration, Records and Transcript Requests
[email protected]
Phone: 734-782-5360 ext. 2207 

Join the counseling office Google Classroom: wplun5g. For Registration information, please contact the counseling office at 734-782-5360.

Counseling News and Announcements